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Welcome to Baqaians student`s website

Welcome here to your very own website. where you can relax and entertain yourself. The presents you with nice forums and worth viewing galleries, latest news and happenings personal messages and  the worth mentioning baqaians Alumni. The Alumni has been added to the site for the purpose that we, all the students of Baqai Medical University could remain in contact with each other and have the latest contact info of our friends. In the Alumni we also get the opportunity to change our address incase we move elsewhere so that all our friends could know about the change very easily through this platform.

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submitted by admin on Sat Nov 29 2008 at 04:40am
History Taking (Phase Two: Gathering Information -

Clinical skills online
Views 2892
submitted by admin on Tue Dec 20 2011 at 09:44pm
Sports week 2009 video by Muhammad Rameez Sami Parade Ground

Views 1644
submitted by admin on Tue Dec 20 2011 at 10:43pm
Hot Internet cafe video

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